Perfection in CNC Automation.

ClampBooster is the automation solution in CNC production. It adds a crucial component to your robot - a drive system for the vise.

Thanks to the unique programming of this drive element, the robot now not only independently grasps the material and supplies it to the machining center, but can also, with the addition of the ClampBooster, tighten the workpiece in the vise for machining and loosen it again.

The ClampBooster is attached directly to the robot arm. Once the robot has placed the material in the vise, the ClampBooster is used: it is guided by the robot arm directly to the vise and tightens it according to the torque that you specified. After the material is processed in the milling machine, the ClampBooster opens the vise. Finally, the robot unloads the workpiece and the production process can start again.

The function of automatically tightening the workpiece in a manual vise is currently unique in the national and international market. The ClampBooster is patent pending.


CNC production in a new dimension.

ClampBooster automates your CNC production. Take the power of your robot to a new level. Maximum efficiency and production reliability in quality and quantity thanks to highly standardized and now fully automated CNC clamping technology.


Your machine cannot be retrofitted

from a manual to an automatically driven vise? There is no way to install a supply line and control system for an automatic vise?

ClampBooster is the solution. Your CNC machine remains in use, unchanged, and you continue to work with your manual vise system. With its unique function of automatically by opening and closing the manual vise around the workpiece, the ClampBooster takes over the last step for your fully automated CNC production.


Your machine can be retrofitted

from a manual to an automatically driven vise? You can install a supply line and control system? But considering the cost, is retrofitting your machine really the most effective solution, since it would mean changing your existing vise system?

By choosing ClampBooster, you avoid interfering with your reliable manufacturing process. You continue to work with your proven manual vise system and benefit from the automated tightening of the vise around the workpiece.

Tighten your business future

Innovation for CNC robots.

Our standard for automated CNC clamping technology: Automatically moving you forward. With the ClampBooster. Patent pending.

Expands the possibilities of every CNC automation exponentially

ClampBooster expands the possibilities of every CNC robot automation. Direct installation with newly planned machining centers and uncomplicated expansion or retrofitting of existing machinery. No machine-side pre-installation is necessary.

Avoids additional investment in existing CNC machines

ClampBooster avoids additional investment in the equipment of existing CNC machines. No costly retrofitting of the machines is necessary.

Alternative to complicated and costly automation

ClampBooster is the alternative to complicated and costly automation of CNC machines and their vises. No conversion to an automatic vise system is required.

Tighten your business goals

Greater efficiency in CNC production.

Your robot can do more than load and unload. The ClampBooster increases the efficiency of your CNC production. Proven in practice.

Promises easy integration into the workflow

ClampBooster promises easy integration into the workflow through simple programming in the software-based operating method of the robot. Thanks to a self-explanatory input screen, no programming knowledge and robot know-how are required.

Can be used in all CNC production cycles

ClampBooster can be used universally in all CNC production cycles. And thanks to interchangeable adapters, it is compatible with many vise systems.

Guarantees secure clamping

ClampBooster guarantees secure clamping of the workpiece in the clamping system, with adjustable tightening torque and high repeat accuracy in the production cycle. With unique functionality and impressive precision.


Technical Information.

CB60 and CB120
Controlled torque
60Nm (CB60) and 120Nm (CB120)
Controlled opening width of vise jaws
compatible with many vise manufacturers
Closing and opening time
approx. 3 seconds each
Operation mode
electric 24V
square for socket wrench 3/8” (CB60) and 1/2” (CB120)
Torque support
vise with two dowel pins (6mm or 8mm)
Chip blower
Robot interface
analog or digital (Profibus)
through the ClampBooster’s touchscreen or the robot’s user-interface
Technical support
remote via LAN or WLAN
Software updates
via USB or online
Mechanical System
1,95 kg
LxWxH 120 x 100 x 100mm
100-240V AC, 6-2.5A (CB60) and 12-5A (CB120), compressed air 5bar

Version: October 2019, subject to change

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